Our vision

Constructing the future

Constructor aims to provide solutions and services in science, education, and technology and educate the new generations that will address the world's current main challenges.

We aim to foster generations of lifelong learners and professional elites equipped with the right knowledge needed in our complex world. More than ever, real-life problems require a cross-disciplinary approach, a renewed mindset, core hard skills, and human intelligence.

  • Research capacities
  • Education programs from K-12 to executives and a multi-campus university
  • Commercial offers in the tech areas of tomorrow

These three streams are the foundation of our integrated knowledge ecosystem.

The Constructor ecosystem


Pursuing the legacy of Constructors

From Michelangelo to John von Neumann and Adrien Newey, Constructor is inspired by forward-thinkers committed to solving the challenges of their times.


Constructor references the Constructor framework, which has rich and deep semantics across many fields, from Physics to Computing, Life Science, Philosophy, Education, Architecture, and Arts.

Constructor is a process of efficiently creating complex and reliable objects and ideas. Any agent or entity that can perform a task reliably – repeatedly and efficiently, regardless of its complexity – becomes a constructor.

  • Constructor group’s ambition is to offer a highly efficient knowledge ecosystem that will transform the current state of science, education, and entrepreneurship and take it to the next level.

Quantum and MI in a fast-changing world

In an unpredictable world with cross-disciplinary issues that challenge our human intelligence, quantum technology and machine intelligence (MI) have never been more essential to better predict the world and help solve a variety of real-life problems.

  • Constructor was founded with a commitment to lead the way in the main technology needs that are shaping the market trends for the next 5 to 25 years.

These next-generation technologies are at the core of our research, education, and commercial offers, as they represent many opportunities for innovation breakthroughs and new talent leaders.



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