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Academic excellence and real-life skills

Constructor University aims to transcend the traditional academic approach by combining educational fundamentals with project-based pedagogy and the latest in digital tools. It equips the young professional elites with the right skills and knowledge to address today's challenges and thrive in the job market.

Our faculty combines the research-centric culture and academic excellence of the former Jacobs University Bremen, with the SIT computer science and software engineering program expertise for graduate and post-doсtoral levels.

Three pillars at the core of the student's journey

Global opportunities: a diverse, English-language campus in Bremen, Germany, with additional studying options thanks to the Schaffhausen faculty and academic partnerships with Carnegie Mellon, UNIGE, and NUS’s School of Computing.


In a complex, ever-changing world involving various fields, a cross-disciplinary learning approach deepens the connections between sciences, computing, entrepreneurship, social sciences, humanities, and essential soft skills.


As part of the Constructor ecosystem, the faculty benefits from many technology breakthroughs developed by the commercial spin-offs: Rolos MI platform simplifies researchers' workflows, and Alemira tools enrich the teaching and learning experience.

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An international campus and an institute

  • Bremen
  • Schaffhausen

The learning journey

Our English-language university offers offline, online and hybrid programs from computer science, hard sciences, to business, social sciences, humanities, and liberal arts.

The online and hybrid programs are enabled by Alemira, our flagship for education and research tools aimed at schools, universities, boot camps, and businesses.

Program partnerships


Constructor University in numbers

1.8K+ students

total students

6K+ alumni



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What alumni say

Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science
"It’s not just about the strong curriculum of the program, but also acquiring engineering thinking, which can be applied to any field, including business. Also, my interest in business got sparkled by the many active fellow students on campus."
Darin Madzharov
Founder of
Computer Science
“It’s a great springboard; I would never have been able to imagine having the chance to carry out research at one of the best universities in the world. My degree made this possible for me. I had great teachers and it formed the foundation for my subsequent career.”
Anca Dragan
Associate Professor in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley
Industrial Engineering
“I was drawn to the idea of meeting different people and being embraced in a multi-cultural atmosphere. The financial support JUB offered also showed that it’s a place that welcomes and values talents regardless of their financial situation.”
Jiaqi Song
Internship Venture, Plug and Play China, Shanghai, China


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