All-in-one platform for education and research

Constructor is all-in-one platform for education and research. With expertise in machine intelligence and data science, Constructor is built to cater to the needs of schools, higher education, corporate training, alternative credentials, and professional sports, offering solutions for teaching and administration, learning and research.

From infrastructure to applications, Constructor elevates learning experiences, empowers educators, and drives research breakthroughs.

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For schools


Improve the productivity of educators and students while creating a seamless learning experience for schools and families.

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For parents


Encourage the development of fundamental math and grammar skills in every child through gamified learning.

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Higher education and research


Revolutionize higher education with all-in-one platform for learning, research, and administration

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Corporate learning


Create engaging courses. Train employees, partners and customers. Track progress and performance. All in one place.

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Alternative credentials


Advance education and expand your reach with a full suite of learning management microcredentials.

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Professional sports


Leverage the power of machine intelligence in professional sports events to boost overall performance and improve decision making.

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All-in-one platform

for education and research management

Hybrid infrastructure

solutions on-premise and in the cloud

Data protection


Improved collaboration

among students, educators, and researchers

Personalized learning

experiences for students

Data-driven decision making

through analytics tools


With Constructor, we aim to transform the education and learning experience, equipping individuals and organizations with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
Laurent Dedenis
Laurent Dedenis
CEO, Constructor
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Serg Bell image
Founder & Chairman of the Board of Constructor Group, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University

A long-time tech entrepreneur, investor, and executive with expertise in virtualization, cloud automation, and cyber protection.

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Laurent Dedenis image
CEO Constructor Technology

Laurent Dedenis, CEO Constructor Technology and co-founder of Chainstack, previously has founded several companies around the world.

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Katya Fisher image
Executive Vice Chairman, Constructor Group

Katya is an attorney and the founder and CEO of Aracor an AI-driven legal technology startup based in Miami, Florida. As Vice Chairman of the Construc...

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Christian Andreas Wipf image
Member of the Constructor Group Board of Directors

Christian Wipf joined Gyrus Capital as an advisor and partner in April 2021. Previously, he was chairman and senior advisor at GCA Altium, where he is...

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