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All-in-one platform for education and research
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Constructor is all-in-one platform for education and research. With expertise in machine intelligence and data science, Constructor is built to cater to the needs of schools, higher education, corporate training, alternative credentials, and professional sports, offering solutions for teaching and administration, learning and research.

From infrastructure to applications, Constructor elevates learning experiences, empowers educators, and drives research breakthroughs.

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For schools
Improve the productivity of educators and students while creating a seamless learning experience for schools and families.
For parents
Encourage the development of fundamental math and grammar skills in every child through gamified learning.
Higher education and research
Revolutionize higher education with all-in-one platform for learning, research, and administration
Corporate learning
Corporate learning
Create engaging courses. Train employees, partners and customers. Track progress and performance. All in one place.
Alternative credentials
Alternative credentials
Advance education and expand your reach with a full suite of learning management micro credentials.
Professional sports
Professional sports
Leverage the power of machine intelligence in professional sports events to boost overall performance and improve decision making.
All-in-one platform
for education and research management
Hybrid infrastructure
solutions on-premise and in the cloud
Data protection
Improved collaboration
among students, educators, and researchers
Personalized learning
experiences for students
Data-driven decision making
through analytics tools
Laurent Dedenis, CEO, Constructor
With Constructor, we aim to transform the education and learning experience, equipping individuals and organizations with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.
Laurent Dedenis, CEO, Constructor
Kirill Tatarinov image
Executive Vice Chairman at Acronis

Kirill Tatarinov is the Executive Vice Chairman at Acronis and a former CEO of Citrix Systems and Executive Vice President of Microsoft Business Solut...

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Mikhail Lukin image
Theoretical and experimental physicist, Professor at Harvard University

Mikhail Lukin is the George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard University and Co-Director of the Harvard Quantum Initiative in Science an...

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Nick Santhanam image
CEO & President of Fernweh Group, Advisory board of Smithsonian Libraries

Nick Santhanam is the Managing President and CEO of Fernweh Group, an investment company focused on creating alpha in the industrial/industrial tech s...

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Wolfgang Ketterle image
Physicist, Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

Wolfgang Ketterle has been the John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics at MIT since 1998. He received a diploma (equivalent to master’s degree) from th...

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Leif Lindback image
Senior Managing Director at CVC

Mr. Leif Lindbäck is a Partner & Member of the Technology Team at CVC Capital Partners, and serves as Board Member at Acronis. He joined CVC in 2018. ...

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Lita Nelsen image
Consultant & Advisor in Technology Transfer, Director of the Technology Licensing Office at MIT

Lita Nelsen is Director of the Technology Licensing Office at MIT, managing over 500 new inventions per year and negotiating over 100 licenses and 20 ...

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Manuel Oriol image
President of Constructor Institute Schaffhausen

Research Interests: Software engineering, Real-time systems, Software testing

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Bertrand Meyer image
Provost and Professor of the Chair of Software Engineering at Constructor Institute

Professor of Software Engineering (emeritus) at ETH Zurich. Chief Technology Officer, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara

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Paul Maritz image
Computer scientist and software executive

Paul Maritz is a computer scientist and software executive who held positions at large companies including Microsoft and EMC Corporation.

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Ilia Tsetlin image
INSEAD Chaired Professor of Decision Sciences

Ilia M. Tsetlin is a Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD, with expertise in modeling decisions under uncertainty, negotiation, auction theory, an...

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Jim Pulcrano image
Adjunct Entrepreneurship & Management Professor at IMD Business School

Jim Pulcrano is an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management with expertise in startup culture, strategy, customer centricity, marketing, a...

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Dario Neri image
Professor of Biomacromolecules at ETH Zürich, Co-​founder of Philogen

Dario Neri is a Full Professor of Biomacromolecules at ETH Zurich, who focuses on engineering therapeutic antibodies for cancer and other angiogenesis...

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René Bonvanie image
Advisor to startups & VCs and CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks

René is a 35-year technology-industry operating executive with a focus on advising portfolio companies, particularly those in the cybersecurity and en...

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David Basin image
Professor at the Computer Science Department, ETH Zurich

David Basin is a full professor at ETH Zurich and heads the Information Security Group. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and his research...

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Mauro Pezzè image
Head of the Chair of Software Testing and Analysis Research (STAR) at Constructor Institute

Mauro Pezzè is a Professor of Software Engineering at the Università di Milano Bicocca and at the Università della Svizzera italiana, where he has bee...

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Sascha Spoun image
Economist, President of Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Guest Professor of University Management at University of St. Gallen

Sascha Spoun is the President of Leuphana University since 2006, and a Guest Professor of University Management at University of St. Gallen. He is an ...

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Michael Widenius image
Founding member of the MySQL AB company, CTO of the MariaDB Corporation AB, Founder & general partner at OpenOcean

Ulf Michael Widenius is a Finnish software engineer and entrepreneur best known as the main author of the MySQL database. He founded TCX DataKonsult A...

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Serg Bell image
Founder & Chairman of the Board of Constructor Group, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University

A long-time tech entrepreneur, investor, and executive with expertise in virtualization, cloud automation, and cyber protection.

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Markus Gross image
Professor of Computer science at ETH Zurich, Director of Disney Research in Zurich

Professor of Computer Science and head of the Computer Graphics Laboratory at ETH Zurich, Vice President of Research, The Walt Disney Studios and the ...

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Stanislav Protasov image
President and Chairman of the Executive Board of Constructor University / President of Constructor Knowledge

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Konstantin Novoselov image
Chairman, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board. Physicist, Professor at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, National University of Singapore. Nobel Prize in Physics 2010

Professor Novoselov is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who specializes in condensed matter physics, mesoscopic physics, and nanotechnology. He receive...

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Oznur Bell image
Chancellor, Constructor University; CEO, Constructor Knowledge

Serial founder & General Manager in Education, Bahchesehir University, private K12+, M.Sc. Marketing

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Artur Ekert image
Professor of Quantum Physics at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK, a Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, and a Distinguished Professor at the National University of Singapore. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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Katya Fisher image
Executive Vice Chairman, Constructor Group

Katya is an attorney and the founder and CEO of Aracor an AI-driven legal technology startup based in Miami, Florida. As Vice Chairman of the Construc...

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Dmitry Babichev image
Board member, Constructor Group

Dmitry Babichev currently holds a position as a member of the Constructor Group Board of Directors as well as the position of Head of Family Office at...

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Laurent Dedenis image
CEO Constructor Technology

Laurent Dedenis, CEO Constructor Technology and co-founder of Chainstack, previously has founded several companies around the world.

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David S. Rosenblum image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Chair of the Department of Computer Science, George Mason University

David S. Rosenblum is a computer science professor with a PhD from Stanford University. He has held positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories, the Universit...

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Alexandra Boltasseva image
Chairman, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Birck Nanotechnology Center Purdue University

Alexandra Boltasseva is a Professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University and the editor-in-chief for The Optical Society's Opti...

Christian Andreas Wipf image
Member of the Constructor Group Board of Directors

Christian Wipf joined Gyrus Capital as an advisor and partner in April 2021. Previously, he was chairman and senior advisor at GCA Altium, where he is...

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Philipp Rösler image
Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University

Former Vice Chancellor & Minister of Economy & Healthcare of Germany, MD Davos, Dr. of Medicine

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Gordon R. Caplan image
Chairman, Constructor Knowledge

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Vikash Shah image
Board Member & President

Vikash Shah, Businessman based in Hong Kong, Veteran entrepreneur and investor.

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Jochen Berger image
Founder, Board of Constructor Group

Founder/CTO Intergenia, ex HostEurope, GoDaddy, board advisor Acronis, board WebPros, Brainweb

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Scott Aaronson image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor of Computer Science, University of Texas in Austin

Scott Joel Aaronson is an American theoretical computer scientist and David J. Bruton Jr. Centennial Professor of Computer Science at the University o...

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Ezequiel Steiner image
Partner in Constructor Capital and Managing Partner of the Constructor Group

President, Board Member of Acronis, MBA Harvard, M.Sc. CS/SE

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Wolfgang Wahlster image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor of Computer Science, CEA of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Wolfgang Wahlster is a renowned German AI researcher, credited with coining "Industry 4.0." He served as the CEO and Scientific Director of the German...

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Nicolas Gisin image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor of Quantum information and communication, University of Geneva

Nicolas Gisin is a Swiss physicist and professor at the University of Geneva, known for his work on quantum mechanics, quantum information, and commun...

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Rino Rappuoli image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Chief Scientist Emeritus & Head of External Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Dr Rino Rappuoli is the Chief Scientist Emeritus & Head of External Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. He is globally recognized fo...

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Nick Dobrovolskiy image
CTO Constructor

VP Acronis Research, Founder & SVP Engineering of Parallels M.Sc. CS/SE

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Mark Kamlet image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy and Provost Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Kamlet is a Professor of Economics and Public Policy and Provost Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University. He has joint appointments in the Departm...

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Andrea Ferrari image
Member of Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor of Nanotechnology at the University of Cambridge and Director of Cambridge Graphene Centre

Andrea C. Ferrari earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University, after a Laurea in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, ...

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Matthias Winter image
Managing Partner of Constructor Capital

Former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company (Zurich). Led Telecom, Media & Tech Practice in Germany and Switzerland and Enterprise Transformation Prac...

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Jules Coleman image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board; Professor Emeritus and Provost Emeritus, New York University

Professor Emeritus of philosophy, senior vice provost for academic planning emeritus at New York University. He spent nearly 15 years as senior advise...

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Guenther Dobrauz image
Member, Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board. Partner and Leader PwC Legal Services, Global LegalTech Leader, PwC Switzerland

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Olga Demler image
Member of the board of directors at Constructor Institute

Prof. Olga Demler holds a joint appointment as a Senior Scientist Research at ETH Zürich in the Biomedical Informatics lab and as an Assistant Profess...

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Dima Kondratev image
VP for Strategic Growth

Dima Kondratev is an executive manager with proven entrepreneurial skills, a scientist and a professional educator.

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Serguei Netessine image
Senior Vice Dean for Innovation and Global Initiatives, Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Operations, Information and Decisions Department at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Serguei Netessine is a Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He has extensi...

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Elena Novoselova image
Vice President Communication and Grant Management

Elena is an executive member of Constructor Group, serving as Vice President for Outreach and Grants Management and a member of the Board of Governors...

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Vladimir Sitnikov image
Chief Marketing Officer

Vladimir’s interest and approach could be summarized in one sentence: to grow and transform early-stage companies through disruption and new technolog...

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