Science & research at Constructor group

Science & research at Constructor group

The mission of Constructor group is to drive transformative advances in education, science, research, and technology

Constructor group science & research mission

The Constructor group science & research mission focuses on the QTAM (Quantum technologies and advanced materials) and QuBuS (Quantum business sciences) strategic research domains. In all of these areas, Constructor group will target fundamental science, and develop it through to applications and company creation.

Constructor group will investigate key problems at the intersection of the three research domains, each of which contributes foundations from a variety of subareas (quantum, nanotech, AI, machine learning (ML), software engineering (SE), cyber-physical system engineering, managerial science, and more.

Knowledge, science, and prediction are at the core of Constructor's mission.

Interdisciplinary Approach & Applied Science

Knowledge, science, and prediction are at the core of SIT's mission. These will require a new generation of computing and knowledge creation platforms, with low cost, low power, high speed, high bandwidth, and low latency. Science discovery will be one major focus: SIT will be known as the place where new science emerges through fundamental discoveries in, and at the interfaces of, quantum physics, photonics, nanotechnology, engineering, materials science, chemistry, CS, QuBuS. QTAM will lead this mission.


Quantum CS & Software Engineering
  • 1 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • 2 Cybersecurity and Information Integrity
  • 3 Software Engineering


Quantum Technologies and Advanced Materials
  • 1 Quantum Technologies
  • 2 Advanced Materials


Quantum Business
  • 1 Computational Modelling
  • 2 Decisions and Behaviour
  • 3 Networks and Society

Generative Domains

  • Digital Health & Sport
  • New Gen Business Mgmt.
  • Digital Law
  • Market Intelligence
  • Asset Management
  • Robotics & Autonomous
  • Digital Learning & Education
  • AI/ML in Bio-Pharma
  • Quantum Computing & Simulation
  • Quantum Networks & Communication
  • Quantum Sensors & Time Standards
  • 5G/6G hardware & IoT
  • Flexible / Wearable Electronics
  • Sustainable Energy
  • AI/ML for Material Discovery
  • Industry X.0

Constructor group partners

Academic Partners
Research Grants and Industry Consortium