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Insights into the technology of tomorrow: quantum, biotech, AI and more

To celebrate its fourth edition, the conference travels to four different locations between November 2022 and February 2023.

Insights Into the World of Tomorrow

World-renowned science, technology and business experts will lead discussions on December 15 and 16, 2021, during SIT and JUB Insights in Technology Conference 2021, available both online and on-campus at the Jacobs University in Bremen.

The Future Role of Quantum Supremacy: Insights from 2020 ACM Award Winner, Dr. Scott Aaronson

In a recent interview with SIT, Dr. Aaronson shed insight on how the concept of quantum supremacy will play a role in future trends of quantum computing.

SIT Insights in Technology Talk Discusses the Digitalisation of the Entertainment Industry

In March 2020, SIT held its latest event in a series of public SIT Insights in Technology Talks in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.