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Get Ready for SIT Insights 2021 with a Recap on Last Year’s Hot Tech Topics
With 2021 in full swing, SIT is ramping up for another year of deep tech talks together with the world’s leading researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs.
Scott Aaronson Receives the 2020 ACM Prize in Computing
Congrats to Scott Aaronson for receiving the 2020 ACM - Association for Computing Machinery Prize in Computing.
World Quantum Day
Today is World Quantum Day! After revolutionizing science in the 20th century, quantum continues to shape technologies of the 21st century.
Kebotix Announces Investment by SIT Capital
We are proud to announce that SIT Capital is a major investor in Kebotix Series A funding.
When Will We See Self-Driving Vehicles on the Road?
Serg Bell says we are still a long way (5 or 10 years) from seeing our roads "invaded" by self-driving vehicles.
How Difficult Can It Be to Drive a Self-driving Car?
Ilya Shimchik (Sit Autonomous): to make these cars compete, you need a lot of skills in different disciplines.
What Is SIT StartGarden and What Makes It Special?
In the interview, the SIT founder and main shareholder Serguei Beloussov unveils the ultimate recipe for building a successful startup.
Acronis SIT Autonomous Team Wins Round 6 of Roborace
After completing Round 6 of Roborace, Acronis SIT Autonomous takes the lead.
SIT, the Ecosystem That Integrates Business, Scientific Research and Training
The founder and director of Startupbusiness, editor of StartupDigest Italy, Emil Abirascid dug into SIT StartGarden.
New Book: Unimagined Futures – ICT Opportunities and Challenges
The new book was written by Bertrand Meyer, Provost and Professor of Software Engineering at SIT.