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Acronis Executives Join SIT Master Students for Exclusive Open Q&A Event

On May 18, freshmen from the SIT Master program met with the Acronis executive team for an open student Q&A session.

The Future Role of Quantum Supremacy: Insights from 2020 ACM Award Winner, Dr. Scott Aaronson

In a recent interview with SIT, Dr. Aaronson shed insight on how the concept of quantum supremacy will play a role in future trends of quantum computing.

SIT’s Prof. Mauro Pezzè Co-publishes Paper on Software Testing, Verification and Reliability

SIT Professor and Chair of Software Testing and Analysis, Mauro Pezzè, recently co-published a paper on software testing, verification and reliability.

Startup Qnami Raises CHF 4 Million in Series A Seeding Led by SIT Capital and Runa Capital

These funds will support the extension of Qnami’s patented quantum microscope technology.

Prof. Nicolas Gisin Enters the Prestige 2022 Larousse Dictionary

The 2022 edition of one of the most important French dictionaries adds only one word and one personality from Switzerland - that of Prof. Nicolas Gisin.

ESPE with successful win for the US patent case for MightyCall

Read the success story about how MightyCall, a startup backed by SIT Capital, successfully resolved a difficult case thanks to ESPE Consulting Group.

Get Ready for SIT Insights 2021 with a Recap on Last Year’s Hot Tech Topics

With 2021 in full swing, SIT is ramping up for another year of deep tech talks together with the world’s leading researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Scott Aaronson Receives the 2020 ACM Prize in Computing

Congrats to Scott Aaronson for receiving the 2020 ACM - Association for Computing Machinery Prize in Computing.

World Quantum Day

Today is World Quantum Day! After revolutionizing science in the 20th century, quantum continues to shape technologies of the 21st century.

Kebotix Announces Investment by SIT Capital

We are proud to announce that SIT Capital is a major investor in Kebotix Series A funding.