SIT joins the Open-Source science initiative
SIT joins the Open-Source science initiative

At SIT we are driven by a common purpose: tackling the world’s main problems through science, education, and next-generation technology. Also, we believe that science should not only provide research results to industry but also benefit from current state technology and adopt best practices. 

We consider community-driven open-source software as one of the most powerful practices which are moving the development of cutting-edge technology forward. Principles of open-source software fall naturally into scientific foundations - openness, objectivity, accountability, and diversity. We should not ignore that science is getting a lot from open-source software already but might get even more with coordinated community effort in this direction.

As part of its regular contributions to the open-source community, SIT is gladly joining the Open-Source Science initiative (OSSci), which is aimed to bring together the culture and best practices of open-source ecosystems with the methods and rigor of science. This new community would drive technology and science progress together, ensuring technology is developed to optimally accelerate the challenges of science and, using emerging technology to fully address the biggest challenges that face our world.

We deeply share the OSSci vision and see SIT’s contribution to the initiative as follows:

  • Bringing the expertise in advanced materials, quantum technologies and computer science through active participation in projects, working groups, and events
  • Enabling the popular open-source scientific algorithms in Rolos machine intelligence platform for research
  • Developing the open-source science software Index which will allow researchers and other stakeholders to evaluate the performance of open-source projects and compare them using the same basis. Runa Capital will support the project as a technological partner contributing their vast expertise in the evaluation of open-source software startups and building relevant indexes, which are publicly available at
  • Promoting the values and benefits of open-source in innovation and business, through various industry event such as the upcoming webinar, on July 25th, on the input of open-source in entrepreneurship and disruption, with industry experts such as Michael “Monty” Widenius, creator of MySQL and MariaDB. More info here: