Rolos opens its Machine Intelligence Platform to academia and business to accelerate the research
Rolos opens its Machine Intelligence Platform to academia and business to accelerate the research

Schaffhausen, October 12, 2022 – Rolos announced today that it would bring research to a new level by opening its Machine Intelligence (MI) Platform to all scientific groups. Any researcher from academia or business can now configure, run and collaborate with others on their computational research project through Rolos Platform. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, no specific IT knowledge is required to use the Platform. 

Rolos Platform addresses two major problems in research: infrastructure setup and teamwork. First, it provides premade infrastructure ready for research tasks with all the necessary resources out of the box – Graphics Processor Unit (GPU), Central Processing Unit (CPU), and storage. Researchers, therefore, no longer need to spend time on infrastructure setup and resource allocation. On the other hand, the Platform also ensures collaboration on a project – code and data versioning control, group editing, and consistent changes for all project participants.

This significant advance will enable resource automation provisioning, ensuring a collaborative environment for research teams and a consistent environment for the reproducibility of computational project results.

“Scientific research nowadays is all about data and computing. Scientists have to spend most of their time and resources on developing and revising algorithms codes, integrations with various tools, format conversions, and setting up an IT infrastructure to get their work done, instead of focusing on the research topic itself,” says Nick Dobrovolskiy, CEO of Rolos. “Rolos Platform provides research teams with the tools and the resources they need. They can organize and run their projects in a few clicks and concentrate on research, not IT. As a result, they get the results faster and can easily reproduce them later”.

Rolos allows its users to build their computational setups using the available cloud, on-premise servers, and High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters and save costs on running simulation experiments. Rolos can also provide its own resources from the cloud infrastructure in SIT data centers. And should users find any difficulties with Machine Learning (ML) or Data Science types of tasks, Rolos Team experts will be there to support them.

Rolos Platform is available through two types of deployments:

  • as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) in Rolos Cloud, that can be accessed at; or
  • as an on-premises installation on the customer’s hardware cluster that provides the full stack of software to create a computational research lab.

In the words of Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Physics at the National University of Singapore, Rolos Platform is used “to unify data from different scientists, unleash the power of Big Data, and achieve exponential progress in research projects.”

Rolos Platform features include: 

  • Computing and storage resources automatic provisioning with a capability to scale out on demand, in order to secure a continuous research process. This includes multi-cloud support (Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and others), on-premise deployment, and resources that could be attached to Rolos Platform.
  • Research environment management, for a fast start with a validated and ready-to-use environment with all essential functionalities, including Code and Data central repository versioning automation. 
  • A workflow manager, which enables collaborative research for external and internal teams and allows to build a pipeline of nodes with code and data to run the research and track progress.
  • An Interactive Papers publishing module, which allows publication reviewers to interact with the research artifacts of a scientific article and obtain insightful feedback by exploring the results of the experimentation.

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