SIT announces the launch of SIT Learning


SIT announces the launch of SIT Learning

24 May 2022

SIT announces the launch of SIT Learning, a next-generation partner for professionals and organizations willing to upgrade to the latest in technology

Schaffhausen, 24 May – The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) announces the launch of its newest commercial spin-off, SIT Learning. SIT Learning is a next-generation institution dedicated to bringing the most advanced learning tools and knowledge to the professionals who play a leading role in the digital transformation of their organization.

With a balance of academic and practical learning, SIT Learning solutions address the needs of a wide range of customers and partners: executives and entrepreneurs seeking to upgrade their technology, science, and business skills; companies going through digital transformation; investors searching for high potential tech-driven ventures; start-ups pursuing go-to-market strategies; scientists advancing new technologies through research; universities and business schools building the next-generation learning capabilities.

Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, with a soon-to-be-open second location in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, SIT Learning is built on principles of a decentralized architecture and offers learning solutions at the intersection of business and new technologies, such as advanced materials, machine intelligence, computer science, software engineering, quantum computing, autonomous systems and robotics, cyber protection, and information integrity.

Yuri Levin, founding CEO of SIT Learning, said: “In today’s high-velocity environment, any competitive advantage becomes transient. Accordingly, organizations and individuals need not only to constantly evolve their capabilities but also to apply the new capabilities in a timely fashion to pursue most promising opportunities. SIT Learning provides a new type of architecture supporting lifelong learning journeys at the individual and organizational levels while enabling the learners to focus on tackling salient real-life problems”.

In fall 2022, SIT Learning will start offering its flagship program, a professional Master of Management Analytics (MMA), aimed at senior leaders looking to champion their organization’s digital and analytics transformation. MMA’s curriculum covers foundational analytical capabilities, industry, and line of business-focused analytics, as well as business transformation and strategy.

Another open enrollment program to be offered in multiple locations is Web 3.0 – a three-day journey demystifying blockchain, crypto, and decentralized finance. Participants will understand the inner workings of blockchain, its applications, opportunities, and challenges.

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Founded in 2019, SIT is an international research-led institution headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Interdisciplinary and multicultural, SIT aims to address the most important world challenges through science, education, and technology.

SIT is comprised of a research center that attracts the most prominent scientists; a science and technology education ecosystem with two campuses in Bremen, Germany, and Schaffhausen; and several commercial spin-offs that offer a comprehensive range of solutions, consulting services, a start-up incubator, and investment funds.

SIT Learning will closely interact with four other SIT spin-offs:

  • SIT Alemira: an integrated platform for learning, education, and science management designed for schools, universities, boot camps, and businesses
  • SIT Capital: an international venture capital firm built by the world’s leading entrepreneurs to support early-stage digital startups around the world
  • SIT Rolos: a collaborative, intelligent multi-cloud platform that simplifies and accelerates the research lifecycle by using AI-based computational modeling
  • SIT StartGarden: a start-up ecosystem where students, researchers, science and tech professionals can share and collaborate on innovative ideas

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