SIT and Jacobs University Present a career-oriented Master in Computer Science and Software Engineering Program
SIT and Jacobs University Present a career-oriented Master in Computer Science and Software Engineering Program

April, 5, 2022 – The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) and Jacobs University of Bremen provide students with an enriched Master program to respond to the most in-demand jobs in tech, science and business science and launches the annual programming contest for full tuition-paid admittance to the program.

The new Master’s program in Computer Science and Software Engineering (MSc CSSE) offered at both campuses: Schaffhausen in Switzerland and Bremen in Germany. The MSc CSSE provides state-of-the-art knowledge at the intersection of quantum computing, intelligent autonomous systems, symbolic artificial intelligence, cyber protection and advances in software engineering.

The shared interdisciplinary vision of SIT and Jacobs University complements the learning of technical knowledge through deep understanding and digital perspectives of leadership, entrepreneurship, business, neuroscience, life science, organizational psychology and transformational change management. The program includes mandatory courses but allows students to choose electives in three current areas: software engineering, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Students are free to choose their place of study - Schaffhausen or Bremen.

Full scholarships, covering program fees, and financial assistance options are available to students. Through SIT and JUB STAR Contest, an annual online programming contest, several students will receive full tuition-paid admittance to the master’s program. This year’s contest will be held on April 26, 2022 and will include a practice round open to all on April 16 – 24, 2022. To enter the contest, participants can visit:

The program development team is led by Peter Zaspel, Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Jacobs University, and Mauro Pezzè, Program Director at SIT and is available to undergraduate students with strong knowledge pertaining to Computer Science disciplines. The MSc CSSE graduates will complete their studies with a master’s thesis.  

The objective of the MSc CSSE is to educate and equip future leaders in research and industry, and the development of creative and constructive skills to produce, develop, and evaluate solutions to technical challenges. The program is designed to increase students’ knowledge in specific areas and enable them to master the skills needed to approach, develop, document and manage research projects. Furthermore, the vast wealth of resources and international network students have access to draws a direct and rapid path to real-world applications and the IT job market in Switzerland, Germany and beyond.

SIT and Jacobs University are launching a roadshow to promote the hybrid Masters in Computer Science and Software Engineering program as well as inviting students to participate in SIT and JUB STAR Contest. The first roadshow events will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia on April 5-6, 2022.  Roadshow webpage:

About SIT and Jacobs University

SIT is a global institution dedicated to promoting Science, Education and Technology. Headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, SIT is a growing ecosystem comprised of education and research as well as commercial technology spin-offs, consulting services, and investment funds.

Thanks to its two English-language campuses – in Bremen, Germany and in Schaffhausen, Switzerland – SIT offers interdisciplinary university programs to students from around the globe with flexible learning models, both online and on-site. With research and entrepreneurial mentality at its core, the SIT education ecosystem is a gateway to decisive careers in Technology and Sciences

SIT campus in Germany – Jacobs University Bremen – is a place with a comprehensive range of BSc, MSc, and PhD programs that grant the qualifications required to work in any country in the much-needed careers of our digitalized world. Each student benefits from well-organized campus life and powerful synergies with SIT research and the business ecosystem.

A key distinction of SIT Swiss campus is research excellence at the highest international level in Advanced Software Engineering and its unique MSc program preparing future technology leaders.

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