Acronis SIT Autonomous appoints The Value Xchange to support sponsorship sales efforts
Acronis SIT Autonomous appoints The Value Xchange to support sponsorship sales efforts

Schaffhausen, October 18, 2021 – Acronis SIT Autonomous, current leaders in the global Roborace Championship, the world’s first driverless electric racing car competition, have appointed The Value Xchange to support their sponsorship sales efforts.

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Acronis SIT Autonomous Team is the leading team in Roborace Championship, designed to push the limits of AI-powered mobility and road-relevant innovations. The team is a partnership between Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) and the global cyber protection leader Acronis. Acronis is also the Official Cyber Protection Partner of Roborace, providing easy, efficient, and secure AI-power cyber protection solutions to the world’s first driverless electric racing car competition.

“We’re excited to bring unique value to our partners within Roborace Championship which combines traditional motorsport, self-driving technology and metaverse”, says Ilya Shimchik, Team Principal at Acronis SIT Autonomous team.

The Value Xchange’s expertise and vast network in motorsports will be essential to help Acronis SIT Autonomous Racing form the first collaborations and partnerships, which will drive the team’s growth and performance. Their brand experience covers sectors including automotive, logistics and technology, and consumer brands, in a variety of sports.


“We’re excited to be appointed to work with Acronis SIT Autonomous on their sponsorship sales efforts. Roborace is leading the way with AI-powered mobility and road relevant innovations, and we believe there are many ways brands can build a bespoke partnership to benefit from this innovative, sustainable and fast-growing sport, working with the team at Acronis SIT Autonomous”, says David Peters, Founder and Co-Owner of The Value Xchange. 

About Acronis SIT Autonomous

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Acronis SIT Autonomous creates driverless travel opportunities for you and your clients by leveraging insights from mechatronics, computer vision, control, machine learning and system engineering. Equipped with a custom-built car safety control system, you can enjoy 360-degree situational awareness and control the vehicle across a wide range of scenarios as well as the most skilled race driver.

About The Value Xchange

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The Value Xchange are a London based, award-winning sports, media and entertainment marketing consultancy, helping their clients build enduring and positive relationships with fans, brands and rights owners.

About Roborace


ROBORACE is the world’s first racing series for autonomous driving systems. It was created to accelerate the development of autonomous software by pushing the technology to its limits in a range of controlled environments and to educate and inform the world about autonomous driving. In 2019, the series held six events that drove over 36 million multi-channel video views.