Constructor Capital


Serg Bell image
Founder & Chairman of the Board of Constructor Group, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University

A long-time tech entrepreneur, investor, and executive with expertise in virtualization, cloud automation, and cyber protection.

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Katya Fisher image
Executive Vice Chairman, Constructor Group

Katya is an attorney and the founder and CEO of Aracor an AI-driven legal technology startup based in Miami, Florida. As Vice Chairman of the Construc...

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Dmitry Babichev image
Board member, Constructor Group

Dmitry Babichev currently holds a position as a member of the Constructor Group Board of Directors as well as the position of Head of Family Office at...

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Christian Andreas Wipf image
Member of the Constructor Group Board of Directors

Christian Wipf joined Gyrus Capital as an advisor and partner in April 2021. Previously, he was chairman and senior advisor at GCA Altium, where he is...

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Vikash Shah image
Board Member & President

Vikash Shah, Businessman based in Hong Kong, Veteran entrepreneur and investor.

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