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Constructor Knowledge is a provider of education services including traditional and online education programs and courses for people of all ages via its various affiliates. Constructor Knowledge provides advisory and strategic services to education institutions in the fields of student recruitment, communications, and marketing support. Its subsidiaries include Constructor Academy. The greater Constructor Knowledge ecosystem includes Constructor University in Bremen, Germany, and Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

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Founded in 2001, Constructor University is a top-ranked, English-language, private university, with a campus in Bremen, Germany. With its interdisciplinary approach, advanced digital learning tools and accredited programs, it equips students with fundamental knowledge, critical thinking and practical skills to build their professional career and address the world’s most pressing challenges. 

The University emphasizes a synergetic and entrepreneurial spirit, offering program mentoring from top-tier professors and industry experts. Partner collaborations include the Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Carnegie Mellon, the National University of Singapore, the University of Geneva, and industry references such as Anisoprint, JetBrains and ChemDiv.

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Constructor Institute, located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland offers computer science and software engineering expertise at Master of Science, PhD, and postdoctoral levels. Our professors have chairs in Quantum Software Engineering, Software Engineering, and Software Testing and Analysis Research. They are authors of multiple distinguished publications in their related fields.

With a solid commitment to building a sustainable future, Constructor Institute Schaffhausen prioritizes equal opportunities and gender equality, fostering an inclusive environment that empowers educators, staff, and students to thrive and contribute to knowledge and innovation.

Driven by a focus on Computer Science and Quantum Technology, Constructor Institute strives for excellence in research, technology, innovation, education, and mentoring, leading the way in fundamental and applied research areas such as formal methods, quantum communications, software engineering for AI, and embedded systems.

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Provost and Professor of the Chair of Software Engineering at Constructor Institute

Professor of Software Engineering (emeritus) at ETH Zurich. Chief Technology Officer, Eiffel Software, Santa Barbara

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President of Constructor Institute Schaffhausen

Research Interests: Software engineering, Real-time systems, Software testing

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Head of the Chair of Software Testing and Analysis Research (STAR) at Constructor Institute

Mauro Pezzè is a Professor of Software Engineering at the Università di Milano Bicocca and at the Università della Svizzera italiana, where he has bee...

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