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Education is critical to the progress of science, technology, research, and humanity. It enables individuals to be free, improve their lives, and behave constructively in solving the world’s main challenges. We equip individuals and organizations through lifelong learning solutions. The Knowledge offers span from K-12 programs to academic degrees and continued professional upgrades for executives and any career need for the latest digital skills. The learning methods are accessible through synchronous and asynchronous pedagogy, combining on-site and online options.

Academic excellence and real-life skills

Constructor University and Constructor Institute combine the research-centric culture and academic excellence from Constructor University in Bremen (Germany) with an Institute in Schaffhausen offering computer science and software engineering expertise for master, Ph.D., and postdoctoral levels. The faculty also proposes advanced programs designed in collaboration with Constructor's leading industry partners and academic partnerships with renowned worldwide universities such as Carnegie Mellon, UNIGE, and NUS.

An international campus and an institute

Constructor University aims to transcend the traditional academic approach by combining educational fundamentals with project-based pedagogy and the latest digital tools. Interdisciplinary, multicultural, and enriched with regular industry partner programs, it prepares young professionals with the right skills and knowledge to address today's challenges and thrive in the job market.

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Constructor University in numbers

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The Institute in Schaffhausen offers computer science and software engineering expertise at the master, Ph.D., and postdoctoral levels. Our professors have chairs in Quantum Software Engineering, Software engineering, and Software Testing and Analysis Research. They are authors to multiple distinguished publications in their related fields.


Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) program at Constructor Institute Schaffhausen provides a comprehensive education in computer science and software engineering topics, as well as essential management and leadership skills, to meet the urgent need for qualified professionals. The research-oriented program offers a wide range of courses and projects.

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Program partnerships

Upgrade your skills in technology and change your career

Constructor Learning offers a variety of knowledge programs for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions to support continuous learning and development, and drive digital transformation.


These programs include a variety of full-time, part-time, and corporate programs to motivated learners looking to enhance their careers with technology. The teaching approach is evidence-based, supported by applied research, and utilizes a pool of world-class industry experts and researchers on demand.








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