Key people

Dr Serg Bell image
Chief Constructor & Founder & Chairman

Dr. Serg Bell, a long-time tech entrepreneur, investor and executive, founded the Constructor group, formerly known as the Schaffhausen Institute of T...

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Stanislav Protassov image
President of Constructor Knowledge, COO/President & Co-founder of Acronis

Co-founder and current president of Acronis, Stanislav Protassov has over 20 years of experience in global software development, from the development ...

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Öznur Bell image
Founder & COO Constructor Knowledge

Serial founder & General Manager in Education, Bahchesehir University, private K12+, M.Sc. Marketing

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Katya Fisher, Esq. image
Executive Vice Chairman, Constructor group

Katya Fisher is the executive vice chairman of Constructor group, formerly known as the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT), where she serves a...

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Laurent Dedenis image
Chief Executive Officer of Constructor

Laurent Dedenis, CEO of Constructor and co-founder of Chainstack, previously has founded several companies around the world.

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Philipp Rösler image
Vice Chairman of Constructor group

Former Vice Chancellor & Minister of Economy & Healthcare of Germany, MD Davos, Dr. of Medicine

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Jochen Berger image
Founder, Board of Constructor Group

Founder/CTO Intergenia, ex HostEurope, GoDaddy, board advisor Acronis, board WebPros, Brainweb

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Ezequiel Steiner image
Director & Partner Constructor Capital

President, Board Member of Acronis, MBA Harvard, M.Sc. CS/SE

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Nick Dobrovolskiy image
CTO Constructor

VP Acronis Research, Founder & SVP Engineering of Parallels M.Sc. CS/SE

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Matthias Winter image
Managing Partner of Constructor Capital

Former Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company (Zurich). Led Telecom, Media & Tech Practice in Germany and Switzerland and Enterprise Transformation Prac...

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Vladimir Sitnikov image
Chief Marketing Officer

Vladimir’s interest and approach could be summarized in one sentence: to grow and transform early-stage companies through disruption and new technolog...

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Dima Kondratev image
VP for Strategic Growth

Dima Kondratev is an executive manager with proven entrepreneurial skills, a scientist and a professional educator.

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Elena Novoselova image
Vice President Communication and Grant Management

Elena Novoselova is VP of communications, outreach and grants management at Constructor group, where she manages the outreach portfolio through scienc...

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Dr. Flavia Tomarchio image
Head of Innovation Deployment of Constructor

As Head of Innovation Deployment of Constructor group, Flavia Tomarchio is responsible for identifying the long-term strategies and business opportuni...

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