Senior Core Team Engineer

Senior Core Team Engineer

We are a team of scientists, data scientists, and engineers from all around the world – Singapore, the US, Bulgaria, and Switzerland, looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our team!

We are building the SIT Rolos Platform – an intelligent collaborative platform for using AI and quantum computational modeling, which aims to improve research team productivity. We believe that an era of data-driven research is coming, and the classical trial and error approach can no longer give satisfactory results without computational methods. The SIT Rolos Platform provides scientists with:

  • Storage/compute infrastructure optimized for AI and later quantum computational workloads;
  • Collaborative environment where researchers can share and monetize data, algorithms and interactive publications;
  • Tools for building computational workflows, training AI models and visualizing results.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Designing Rolos Abstraction Layer – scalable high-performance basis for distributed scientific computing and data storing;
  • Researching techniques for effective distributed replicated versioned scientific project code and data storing;
  • Creating mechanisms of zero-copy mobility of scientist’s code and data between multiply compute and development environments;
  • Developing orchestration technologies balancing parallel simulations of high-performance AI/ML, physics, math, biologic, and other scientific domains models across cloud and on-premise Rolos platform hardware;
  • Optimizing usage of Rolos platform resources with the possibility to offload computational workloads to external HPC clusters;
  • Writing Rolos Abstraction Layer code in different programming languages like C/C++, Rust, Go, Python keeping effective “glue” communications between platform parts;
  • There will be a lot of collaboration with the DevOps and backend teams;
  • Finally, you can dig into complex product issues reported by customers.

Qualifications and experience

  • 5+ years experience in writing well-designed, high-quality production code;
  • 3+ years experience in C/C++ and Python development, knowledge of Rust and/or Go is appreciated;
  • Understanding principles of effective parallel programming, multi-process communications, code cross-cluster scalability and caching;
  • Knowledge of functional nuances of hypervisor- and container-based virtualization technologies
  • Experience in using CUDA, OpenCL, AI/ML frameworks;
  • Practical analytical skills to dig into complex technology dependencies and to build effective optimized cross-component data flows;
  • Strong knowledge of software implementation best practices;
  • Good interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to speak and write in English.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary;
  • Medical insurance (incl. dental care);
  • Choice of work equipment (i.e., laptop, monitor, etc.);
  • Intensive English practice in the international environment;
  • Conferences and professional development coverage;
  • International team with experienced entrepreneurs and top-tier scientists (h-index - 100+);
  • Socially useful project and an opportunity for personal growth in the international educational organization with the headquarters in Switzerland.

Vacancy Priority

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