Senior Python Engineer

Senior Python Engineer

We are looking for a Senior Python Engineer, someone experienced and enthusiastic, who is ready to take on new challenges and collaborate with top-tier scientists

We are building the Rolos Platform – an intelligent collaborative platform which aims to improve research team productivity. We believe that an era of data-driven research is coming, and the classical trial and error approach can no longer give satisfactory results without computational methods.

The Rolos Platform provides scientists with:
• Storage/compute infrastructure optimized for AI and later quantum computational workloads;
• A collaborative environment where researchers can share and monetize data, algorithms and interactive publications;
• Tools for building computational workflows, training AI models and visualizing results.

We are currently looking for a Senior Python Developer.

Duties and responsibilities:
• Designing state-of-the-art scientific computation and collaboration platform;
• Developing backend services of SIT Rolos Platform. Most of your time will be devoted to coding and reviewing the code of your teammates. Our framework is FastAPI and we are writing on Python 3.9;
• Ability to write maintainable tests is necessary. We use Pytest for component tests;
• You will participate in discussions about new features of the product. We use Notion for documentation and YouTrack for bug and task tracking;
• You will use RabbitMQ for messaging, Redis for storing user session data, PostgreSQL for storing metadata, DFS/NFS for files and other external services for various needs;
• There will be a lot of collaboration with the DevOps and architecture teams. Together you will develop new components and services for the product. We use Kubernetes for services deployment, orchestration and scaling;
• Finally, you can dig into complex product issues reported by customers.

Qualifications and experience:
• 5+ years experience in writing well-designed, high-quality production code;
• 3+ years experience in Python development;
• Solid knowledge of principles of REST / RESTful;
• Strong knowledge of software implementation best practices;
• Understanding of async programming;
• Experience in containerization and microservice orchestration;
• Good interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
• Ability to speak and write in English.


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