Senior frontend engineer

Senior frontend engineer

We are looking for a Senior frontend engineer who will help us build Rolos - a revolutionary platform for accelerating research cycle

We are a team of scientists, data scientists and engineers from all around the world – Singapore, the US, Bulgaria and Switzerland, looking for enthusiastic professionals to join our team!

We are building the Rolos platform – an intelligent collaborative platform for using AI and quantum computational modeling, which aims to improve research team productivity. We believe that an era of data-driven research is coming, and the classical trial and error approach can no longer give satisfactory results without computational methods. The Rolos platform provides scientists with:

  • storage/compute infrastructure optimized for AI and later quantum computational workloads;
  • collaborative environment where researchers can share and monetize data, algorithms and interactive publications;
  • tools for building computational workflows, training AI models and visualizing results.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Designing state of the art scientific computation and collaboration platform
  • Developing frontend components of Rolos Platform. Most of your time will be devoted to coding and reviewing the code of your teammates. Our framework is vue 3 and we are writing on TypeScript
  • Ability to write maintainable tests is necessary. We use Cypress for e2e and component tests
  • You will participate in discussions about new features of the product. We use Notion for documentation and YouTrack for bug and ask tracking
  • You will take part in adjusting frontend building, bundling, and related optimizations. We use yarn for package management and Vite for building
  • There will be a lot of collaboration with the design team. Together you will develop new components for the product. We use Figma for UI prototyping
  • Finally, you can dig into complex product issues reported by customers

Qualifications and experience

  • 5+ years experience in JavaScript
  • 2+ years experience in one of the well-known frameworks: React or Vue.js
  • Strong knowledge of software implementation best practices
  • Experience in UI testing (e2e/component tests, performance testing)
  • Experience in UI build stack: yarn, Vite, etc.
  • Ability to speak and write in English


Vacancy Priority

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